Florida Democratic Caucus in 2020

Update from the DNC: In light of the unprecedented health crisis facing our country, the 2020 Democratic National Convention will now be held the week of August 17 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, providing our team more time to determine the most appropriate structure for this historic event. 

National convention delegates are chosen by congressional district.   Manatee County is in Florida Congressional District 16, where voters will elect six delegates to the convention – three women and three men – plus a male alternate.  The filing deadline for those wishing to run for convention delegate has passed.

Delegates are chosen in a delegate caucus by registered Democrats voting across the state. 

To vote on the day of the caucus, Manatee County Democrats must present ID and sign a pledge of support for one of the presidential candidates.  Manatee Democrats will then receive a ballot that lists the District 16 candidates for convention delegate who support the same presidential candidate. 

 Important dates:

· March 7, 2020. The filing deadline for convention delegates.

· May 14, 2020: Early voting for those unable to attend the caucus on May 16, 2020.  There will be one location at Manatee County Democratic Headquarters.

· May 16, 2020. Caucus to elect delegates.  Manatee County locations for District 16 elections: IMG Academy, Manatee County Democratic Headquarters, Lakewood Ranch Town Hall and Palmetto Library.