If you want to get involved and are not sure where to start, contact Cynthia Metzler at  cammcdems@gmail.com.  Your options are limitless - have a candidate meet-and-greet, join the field team, precinct outreach, office help, phone calling, fundraising, communications...or propose you own ideas.  



The Florida Democratic Party predicts that 500,000 more registered Democrats are needed for the presidential election to turn the state blue.  


Our efforts make a difference.  Manatee Democrats have broken ahead of Manatee Republicans in monthly new voter registrations from April 15 to August 20, perhaps for the first time ever! This is due in large part to the Manatee Democratic Black Caucus, members of participating clubs and caucuses, Indivisible members and new volunteers.

The Manatee County Democratic Party has on-going voter registration initiatives almost every week.  Email hqmanateedems@gmail.com if you have ideas for voter registration locations.  



Every Saturday in October- Join us at headquarters at 10 am for canvassing instructions and addresses. If you are a newbie, please come at 9 am for some quick training. No experience needed.  Contact Bob McCaa, Voter Registration Chair, mccaa_robert@hotmail.com, 952-334-7867 for more info and to let him know what times you would like.  In September we focus efforts on Precinct 413 (just north of Talavast Road and SRQ Airport).

Weekdays and Some Saturdays- Help the Manatee County Democratic Black Caucus register voters at several stationary locations in Bradenton and Palmetto. They are registering many returning citizens.  Contact Florence Shelton-Clark at msdbcoutreach@gmail.com

Housing for Presidential Campaign Workers

After the primary, the Presidential campaign staff will be coming to Manatee County from out of town. These are the college students and career campaigners who work 12-15 hours a day registering voters, dealing with statistics, working with volunteers, and helping to get out the vote.

Do you have a spare bedroom(s)/bath and are willing to house staff members for the duration of the campaign? Meeting these staffers will be a worthwhile experience!

Call Brenda Katz at 941-713-7980 if you are interested in learning more.  It's not too early!


Florida democrats state convention

Florida Democrats Announce State Convention for October


The 2019 state convention will be held at Disney's Coronado Springs Resort in Orlando, October 11-13, 2019.   The Convention brings together delegates from across the state to take part in trainings and workshops to defeat Donald Trump.    More info at :  www.floridadems.org/news/florida-democrats-announce-state-convention-for-october 

Manatee Democrats are allotted slots for DEC members and non-DEC members.  If you wish to attend the convention,  please indicate your interest to Randi Sathan at rmsmanateedems@gmail.com before August 26.

Please email forms to her or bring them printed out and signed to the DEC Headquarters at the election meeting on August 26.  The $45 filing fee must be collected prior to or at the election meeting.

Download FDP Convention Delegate Form

2019-FDP-Delegate-Filing-Form (pdf)


About Our Party


 The Manatee County Democratic Party is a 100% volunteer organization working to promote Democratic issues at the local, state and federal level.