"The most important job I ever held was Precinct Captain." - Harry S. Truman


Manatee County has 70 Voting Precincts

. . . and we need a Captain and team in every one of them!  The mission of each team is to Get Out the Vote of the highest possible number of Democrats in their community.

You can find your precinct by going to the Supervisor of Elections Voter Information web page and following the instructions.

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What Precinct Teams Do

 As a Precinct Captain, you have an opportunity to be personally involved in making a positive political difference.  You can be a voice for the Democratic Party in your precinct and lead the outreach.  

Get to know your community and become the "go to" person on issues, candidates and elections for Democratic voters.



As a Precinct Volunteer you can help the Captain with phone calls, door hangers, house parties, canvassing, postcards and voter registration.  

You can encourage the use of vote-by-mail, help get Democratic voters to the polls on election day, and work as a team with other volunteers in your precinct.

Contact the Precincts Chair to find out where your help is needed right now.

Contact the Precincts Chair

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