Call to Action Vision 2020 Expo

Over 200 new and seasoned volunteers come together to learn how to get Democrats elected.



VOTER REGISTRATION - The Florida Democratic Party predicts that 500,000 more registered Democrats are needed for the presidential election to turn the state blue.  

VOTE BY MAIL - People who have a Vote By Mail ballot sent to them are twice as likely to vote.  We are signing-up voters now.


New voter registration events are coming up every week.  Check Mobilize America at often!

Precinct Development

Welcome from Deb Pierce and Bob Fine

"The most important job I ever had was precinct captain" - Harry Truman, 33rd President  of the United States


Precinct Development Coordinators Deb Pierce and Bob Fine welcome anyone who wants to help build community among Democrats on their block, in their neighborhood or in their voting precinct.  "Our vision is to develop a corps of great precinct volunteers, focused on our shared Democratic values, to strengthen the Democratic presence in Manatee County. That’s how we elect Democrats to office up and down the ticket,” says Bob. Deb adds that each precinct has its own character and the Democratic Party relies on people with local knowledge: precinct captains.  

Precinct captains are the soul of the Democratic Party throughout the nation and here in Manatee County; the precinct is the basic unit of political organization. Don't know which precinct is yours?  Find out on the Supervisor of Elections website at  The 70 precincts of Manatee County are grouped into 5 areas, corresponding to the five County Commission and School Board districts.

Coordinators for each of the five areas work with the precinct captains in their areas to forward the core mission of the Manatee County Democratic Party: to get Democrats elected.  And within precincts, volunteers such as block captains support precinct captains by working within neighborhoods. Together, our precinct volunteers work to improve voter participation in low-turnout precincts and maintain high turnout in precincts with traditionally strong voter participation. Typical ways precinct and block captains connect with their voters include email, phone, postcards, canvassing and “meet & greets.” Our precinct development team will provide you with the support, training and tools to help these efforts work.

If precinct work is where you think you will find your home in the Manatee County Democratic Party, our volunteer coordinator, Cynthia Metzler ( will connect you to the appropriate Area Coordinator or Precinct Captain. Deb and Bob encourage you to step up and make a difference!  You can reach them at or


Join the Manatee Dems Communications Team

The opportunities to get out our Democratic message are endless.  Volunteer to share your ideas and contribute your skills. 

Housing for Presidential Campaign Workers

After the primary, the Presidential campaign staff will be coming to Manatee County from out of town. These are the college students and career campaigners who work 12-15 hours a day registering voters, dealing with statistics, working with volunteers, and helping to get out the vote.

Do you have a spare bedroom(s)/bath and are willing to house staff members for the duration of the campaign? Meeting these staffers will be a worthwhile experience!

Call Brenda Katz at 941-713-7980 if you are interested in learning more.  It's not too early!


About Our Party


 The Manatee County Democratic Party is a 100% volunteer organization working to promote Democratic issues at the local, state and federal level.