Vote By Mail

Requesting a Vote By Mail Ballot is Easy

We can make meaningful changes in this year's  November 6 General Election, and Voting By Mail makes it easier.  You can skip the line and vote in the convenience of your home.  You can take your time with your voting decisions, including the 12 amendments that will be on the November ballot.  

Ballots are mailed to you about 30 days before the election, but you can request a Vote By Mail ballot up to six days before the election.  You can also track your ballot to make sure it has been counted.

Contact the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections

Call the Supervisor of Elections at 941-741-3823 or request a Vote By Mail ballot on their website:

Go to

Other Things to Know about VBM

Voting By Mail is safe and reliable

But you can hand deliver the ballot in person to the Elections office if you prefer.

And mail-in ballots can be rejected if the voter forgets to  sign the mailing envelope or if the signature does not match the one on file from the original application. You can call the Elections Office if you are unsure about the signature on file.

All registered voters are eligible

Just be sure to provide the address that you normally use for receiving mail.

Requests are not permanent

You must renew every 4 years  (2 election cycles.)  This ensures that a ballot won't be sent to an old address if you move.

Vote by mail ballots are neither held nor forwarded by the US Postal Service

However, you may request a Vote By Mail ballot be sent to where you are visiting.  If that address is different from the one on your voter record, then the request must be in writing with your signature.

Completed Vote By Mail ballots are not accepted at the polls on election day

They must be received by the SOE office by mail or in person by 7:00 pm on election day.  If you wish to vote in person instead, you may surrender your Vote By Mail ballot (although this is not required) at the polls and receive a fresh ballot to complete and return while there.

For more Frequently Asked Questions

Go to the SOE website FAQ page