Welcome to the Manatee County Democratic Party

April 20:  Annual Democratic Dinner

The March Newsletter is here!

Coming Up

3/24 March for Our Lives

Stand with our nation's young people in the march for gun control next Saturday 

at either of two locations:

Bradenton Riverwalk at 12:00 noon, or

Sarasota Kissing Statue at 10:00 a.m.

Events Calendar

Check out the calendar for meetings, events, and activities of the party.

3/26 DEC Meeting

6:00 p.m. at HQ

This is the monthly general meeting 

of the Manatee Democratic Party. 

All Democrats are welcome. 

435 Cortez Rd W.  in Bradenton.

Annual Democratic Dinner - April 20

Polo Grill in Lakewood Ranch, 6:00 p.m.

There will be speakers, a silent auction, and fellow

Democrats that you need to meet.

Don't wait to reserve your seats.

Get Involved

Join a Club or Caucus

 Manatee Democratic Party needs your time, talent and enthusiasm.  Attend a club meeting, find out how to help, and "be the change you want to see."

Volunteer for a Campaign

Contact a candidate to offer your  experience and skills -- to write, phone, research,  web design -- ask how to help.

Join a Precinct Team

 As a Precinct Captain, you have an opportunity to be personally involved in making a positive political difference.  Learn more about your local community, meet new and interesting people,  and get out the vote.

Need to Know

Amendments on the 2018 Ballot

Voters will have a long list of Amendments to decide on the November ballot.  So far, there are 5 that have been approved.

#1 - Taxes:  Set a 10% cap on assessment increases for certain property

#2 - Taxes - Allow a new homestead exemption for property over $100K

#3 - Gambling - Restrict authorization of casino gambling to voter initiatives

#4 - Restoration of Voting Rights for felons who have served their time

#5 (HB 7001) Taxes -  Require 2/3 vote of legislature to increase taxes.

CRC - Constitution Revision Commission

Every 20 years the Florida constitution is reviewed and revised with the purpose of keeping it relevant.  And 2018 is a Revision Year.  The Commission -- chosen almost entirely by our Republican Governor and Legislature, and chaired by developer Carlos Beruff -- has been meeting since early 2017. Their final decisions will be submitted for voter approval through a slate of Amendments on the November ballot.  

Good resource:   www.floridabar.org/public/crc