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Democratic Gubernatorial Debate

Video of the July 18 Candidates Debate from Fort Myers

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July 20 - Melton LIttle Summer Bash

July 21 - Andrew Gillum supporters event

July 26 - Gwen Graham fundraiser Sarasota

July 21 - Meet the Candidates for Districts 70, 71, 73

3:00 pm at Palmetto Library

July 23 - Manatee Democrats Monthly meeting

6:00 pm at Democratic HQ

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"Somebody ought to go to jail" - Eugene Robinson

 "I don't think they know how many kids they ripped away from their families, and I believe that means it is inevitable that some children will never again see their parents. The fact that my government would commit such a crime weighs on my conscience as an American." 

Gen. John Kelly, as Southern Commander, on refugees

May, 2015 - Parents "are trying to save their children” from the violence in their own countries by immigrating to the U.S.   And that violence is “the direct result of our drug consumption." 

October, 2015 -  “They don’t want to leave their homes” or send their children away, but parents do—to keep them out of drug gangs. “It’s just the violence” that is leading parents in those countries to make those decisions. 

Donald Trump looked stunned at Helsinki

But . . . "An overwhelming majority of Republican voters approved of President Trump’s performance during his joint press conference with Vladimir Putin Monday," according to the conservative National Review.

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Gun control

In the US Congress, Democrats have put forward at least 3 bills on gun control. All are gathering dust in the Republican-led Congress.

H.R.5087 - Assault Weapons Ban - introduced on 02/26/2018 

H.R.4240  - Background checks - introduced on 11/03/2017 

S.1945 - Restrict high-capacity ammunition - introduced 10/05/2017 

Monitor progress  at:

In the Florida legislature, preemption laws ban local governments from passing rational gun regulations for their own communities. For more information on the NRA strategy of state preemption, read the article at the Everytown for Gun Control website:

Florida Constitution Amendments

Florida voters are looking for information on the 13 proposed Amendments to the Florida Constitution that will be on the November ballot.  We can expect to see campaigning on the issues and recommendations in coming months.

In the meantime, a good place to learn more is Ballotpedia:

Or consider the discussion on each Amendment offered by the League of Women Voters at