Court Filing Cites Miliary Camp-Like Conditions for Kids at Homestead Shelter

Lawyers for youth law groups filed a 705-page document citing "prison-like" regiments that could potentially cause permanent psychological damage to the kids at the Homestead Temporary Shelter for Unaccompanied Children.  In some cases the shelter is not temporary at all, as the report states over half the children are held past the 20 day max supposedly stipluated by policy.  The court filing cites daily life with no hugging or touching, 5 minutes for showers, 15 minutes for meals, single file lines at all times and two-10 minute phone calls per week to relatives, if they answer.  It alleges as many as 144 children sleep in a one-room barrack, bathrooms are unsanitary and rugs mildewy.

Some of the kids have crossed the border on their own, but an unknown number have been separated from their parents.  In most cases willing sponsors are available, but the report says the government has prolonged the process of reuniting with families while immigration and criminal history of parents and potential sponsors are checked.

Homestead is the only shelter of its kind to be operated by a private contractor.  It's not licensed, so state and local aurhorities do not inspect it.

The site has seen frequent protests.  Most recently about 200 people gathered outside the Homestead shelter for migrant children on Father's Day to demand that the Trump government close the center and reunite the children with their families. 

 “These children are battling a sense of deep helplessness and sheer frustration and confusion on why they don’t know anything or on why they are still detained," says a protester.  "It’s profoundly distressing for them and something needs to be done.” 

Read more from the Miami Herald and see the redacted court filing: 


"Vern, Let's Talk" Rally, Monday June 17th

Our Congressional Representative, Vern Buchanan, voted against an effort to allow the House Judiciary Committee to subpoena the Attorney General and White House Council in response to the Mueller Report.  Call him and tell him this case is not closed.   He should do his Congressional duty to uphold oversight into the Executive Branch, especially on an issue as serious as foreign interference in our elections. 

Thanks to Indivisible and all those who made the "Vern Let's Talk" rally a success.  Read about it in the Bradenton Herald

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Ban Assault Weapons



The Ban Assault Weapons NOW campaign will place an amendment on the 2020 Florida ballot. 800,000 signatures are needed so that Florida citizens can vote for a common-sense law that our elected leaders won’t support. A poll from Florida Atlantic University reports that 70 percent of Florida voters favor an assault weapons ban.

Download the petition, print two-sided and mail per instructions.  Or pick up petitions at Manatee County Democratic headquarters.

Medicaid expansion


Petitions Needed for the 2020 Ballot

Medicaid expansion is long overdue in Florida.  Over 700,000 Floridians would gain health coverage if we joined the 35 other states that have adopted this common sense option.  

A constitutional ballot amendment will give people in Florida a say.  700K+ signatures are needed from all counties by January 1, 2020 and the campaign goal is to get 100K by the end of February.  To learn more and download the petition form:

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