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Ban Assault Weapons NOW Campaign

As a result of legislation that became effective July 1st, which no longer permits paid petition gatherers, the petition form has been changed. Below is a link to the new form. If you signed your petition before July, it is counted. Otherwise, sign a new one or print it off and make copies to get others to sign.


This is a proposed Constitutional Amendment to ban the sale of assault weapons and require the registration of such weapons already possessed prior to the Amendment's effective date.  800,000 verified petitions are needed to get this proposal on the ballot.

  1. Print off the petition
  2. Complete the form legibly and sign.
  3. If you are unsure of your name on the voter rolls, look up your name at:
  4. Mail petition to the address shown on the petition or drop it off at the Dem headquarters, 435 Cortez Rd.

Manatee County Democratic Executive Committee Announces:

Proclamation Demanding Impeachment Inquiry

Manatee County DEC members voted to join other local Democratic groups to urge Congress to immediately begin an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, with the following resolution. During the discussion, participants emphasized that this is not a call for actual impeachment, rather an inquiry to start the process.

As the president continues to obstruct justice by denying Congressional oversight, and in light of the multiple well-documented incidents that appear to be obstruction of justice laid out in the Mueller Report, to do anything less would set the terrible precedent of Congress abdicating their responsibilities under the Constitution.

The United States President is not a King who is above the law. That has always been a near-sacred belief of the American people. As Thomas Paine put it long ago, “in America the law is king,” not the President. 

The Constitution gives the House of Representatives the “sole Power of Impeachment.” In addition to obstruction allegations, there is clear evidence that President Trump has abused the power of his office and violated the emoluments clause. Members of the House must do their duty, even if they believe that many Senators will not do theirs.

Congress cannot simply look the other way when faced with the vast evidence of criminality. We the American People need leaders who will protect our Constitution from all who seek to destroy or disregard its fundamental principles. And there is no greater principle than the accountability of the President to the people.

Impeachment should not be a partisan issue, so partisan considerations should not come into play when determining whether or not to begin the impeachment process. It’s is a question of duty. Congress must do its job, which includes oversight of the President, regardless of any speculation about what will happen in the next election. 

Congress needs to act now. The people will act in 2020.

This proclamation was originated by the Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida, championed locally by the Sarasota-Charlotte Democratic Progressive Caucus, and adopted by the Florida LGBTA Democratic Caucus,  the Sarasota County Democratic Executive Committee, Manasota Young Democrats,  and local Indivisible groups.

For Sarasota coverage in the Herald Tribune:


Elected Officials


Senator Marco Rubio  

 (202) 224-3041   or   (813) 853-1099

Senator Rick Scott 

 (202) 224-5274

Representative Vern Buchanan 

 (202) 225-5015  or   (941) 747-9081  

1051 Manatee Ave West,       Suite 305  Bradenton, FL 34205 


Governor Ron DeSantis

The Capitol     400 S. Monroe St. 

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

(850) 488-7146

Senator Bill Galvano (District 21)

(850) 487-5021

(941) 741-3401

Florida House

Rep Wengay Newton (District 70)  email

 (850) 717-5070  or  (941) 727-2042 

Rep Will Robinson (District 71)  email

(850) 717-5071  

Rep Tommy Gregory (District 73)   email 

(850) 717-5073  or  (941) 708-5660

Manatee County Commission

 P.O. Box 1000
Bradenton, FL 34206-1000 

Phone: (941) 745-3700

Contact Your Commissioner

Manatee County School Board

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