Elected Officials


Senator Marco Rubio  

 (202) 224-3041   or   (813) 853-1099


Senator Rick Scott 

 (202) 224-5274 


Representative Vern Buchanan 

 (202) 225-5015  or   (941) 747-9081  

1051 Manatee Ave West,       Suite 305  Bradenton, FL 34205



Governor Ron DeSantis

The Capitol     400 S. Monroe St. 

Tallahassee, FL 32399-0001

(850) 488-7146


Senator Bill Galvano (District 21)


(850) 487-5021

(941) 741-3401

Florida House


Rep Wengay Newton (District 70)  email

 (850) 717-5070  or  (941) 727-2042 

Rep Will Robinson (District 71)  email

(850) 717-5071  

Rep Tommy Gregory (District 73)   email 

(850) 717-5073  or  (941) 708-5660

Manatee County Commission

 P.O. Box 1000
Bradenton, FL 34206-1000 

Phone: (941) 745-3700

Contact Your Commissioner

Manatee County School Board

215 Manatee Ave West  

Bradenton, FL 34205   



Florida Legislature poised to arm teachers

SB 7030 Advances

Senate Bill 7030 and House Bill 7093 would expand a law created after the February 2018 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. If these bills pass, teachers could voluntarily join the current guardian program and be armed on campus, if they pass a psychological evaluation, drug test, 144 hours of training and the requirements for a concealed carry permit.

SB 7030 and HB 7093 cleared two committees with unanimous approval by Republicans and strong opposition from Democrats. Contact your State Senator and Representative to tell them you oppose these bills. 

The bills allow local school boards to make the final decision on allowing teachers to be armed. Hillsborough and Sarasota school boards have already voted to oppose the arming of teachers. 

At the request of board member James Golden, the school board considered a resolution either for or against this legislation at their meeting on Tuesday, April 9. The resolution would send a message to Manatee County citizens and Tallahassee that Manatee County does not  support arming teachers.  The resolution was tabled for the next regular meeting on April 23, to be held at 5:45 in the Administration Building, 215 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton.  If you plan to make public comments, arrive by 5:30 to sign up.

From the Florda Education Association:

"Legislators must stop looking for quick, inexpensive fixes. To truly make our students and staff safer, lawmakers should invest money in ensuring every school has a resource officer and a sufficient number of trained mental health professionals such as guidance counselors, school psychologists and social workers.

Professional educators know, and the voting public agress,  that teachers should not be armed with guns; instead they should be armed with better salaries and working conditions."


Voting rights for returning citizens in jeopardy


Republicans Slam the Brakes on Voting Rights for Returning Citizens

 A Florida House committee approved a bill on March 19 that would undermine the intent of Amendment 4 by limiting the number of former felons who could have their voting rights restored.

The bill would require felons to pay back all court fees and costs before being eligible to vote, even if those costs are not handed down by a judge as part of the person’s sentence.

This bill restricts voting rights and has the effect of voter suppression, says the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition. Amendment 4 was drafted with the intention of making the measure “self-implementing,” which means it needs no further clarification by lawmakers for it to go into effect.

For more information from ACLU of Florida: https://bit.ly/2OhYSql

Action alert: Fracking Ban

Urge Senator Bill Galvano to Support Ban on Fracking


Please call Sen. Bill Galvano ASAP to urge the Florida State Senate to ban fracking this legislative session. Gov. DeSantis, along with the Florida House Speaker Jose Oliva have gone on record as supporting a traditional ban on fracking, however Sen. Galvano has not. Sen. Galvano represents Manatee County and part of southern Hillsborough. Let's hold him accountable!

We have the chance to ban fracking this legislative session in the state of Florida. Various bills that address a ban on fracking have been heard in various committees and could go to the floor for a vote in both chambers in the very near future. Please encourage your members to use the script below and call Sen. Galvano at 855-980-2396.


SCRIPT: "Hello, my name is ________ and I live in ________. I am calling to ask that Senator Galvano and the Florida Senate pass a bill to ban ALL forms of fracking, including matrix acidizing."

For more on the Senate bill and matrix acidizing: https://hrld.us/2TEW8JF


ACTION ALERT: Don’t Repeal Equality! Say No to HB 3!


House Bill 3 is a sweeping measure that would repeal every local LGBTQ rights law in Florida and rollback over two decades of progress providing protections to 13 million Floridians. HB 3 threatens to undermine every local LGBTQ non-discrimination ordinance, conversion therapy ban, and equal benefits policy in Florida, and in doing so, puts our state economy at risk.

In a moment when legislative support for statewide comprehensive LGBTQ protections has reached unprecedented levels, HB 3 repeals protections for 13 million Floridians.   We’ve seen the devastating impact this type of legislation can have on a state’s economy. North Carolina’s notorious HB 2 — a similar law that repealed local LGBTQ protections — cost the state over $600 million in lost revenue from businesses, conferences and tourists boycotting the state in the first year alone. Major events like the NBA All-Stars game left, refusing to co-sign discrimination.   

Manatee County - Speak Up!

HB 3 is a top priority of legislative leadership and has sailed through its first committee in the Florida House.  Tell House Speaker Jose Oliva and Senate President Bill Galvano - NO discrimination in Florida.


Senator Bill Galvano represents District 21, all of Manatee County.  Contact info:


(850) 487-5021 (Tallahassee Office)

941-741-3401 (Bradenton Office)

For More Info:

Go to Equality Florida at eqfl.org

Show your political loyalty

Voter outreach

Help with Voter Registration and Connecting with Voters

Phone calls, texts and mailings are good, but nothing compares to one-on-one conversations to educate voters and help spread our Democratic message.  You can join other volunteers and stick with your comfort level.  Everything from  simple get-togethers to voter registration to canvassing  makes a difference.

Area Coordinators and precinct leaders would love to hear from you.  Contact info:


Countywide: Randi Sathan, 941-417-7734, rmsmanateedems@gmail.com

Area 1: Dan Coppinger, 978-995-8750, dancoppy@yahoo.com (text or call, please)

Area 2: Grace Barnett, 201-650-0504, gracebar3893@yahoo.com

Area 3: Thea Kelley and Bill Bowdish, 941-778-0173, theakelley1@gmail.com

Area 4: Pam French, 941-538-2985, ManateeArea4DemCoordinator@yahoo.com

Area 5: Cheryl and Dan Thomas, 603-496-3116, cathomas3116@gmail.com

(If you know your voting precinct number, your area is the first digit.  If you don't know your precinct number, contact Randi Sathan)


Medicaid expansion


Petitions Needed for the 2020 Ballot

Medicaid expansion is long overdue in Florida.  Over 700,000 Floridians would gain health coverage if we joined the 35 other states that have adopted this common sense option.  

A constitutional ballot amendment will give people in Florida a say.  700K+ signatures are needed from all counties by January 1, 2020 and the campaign goal is to get 100K by the end of February.  To learn more and download the petition form:

Medicaid expansion petition

Ban Assault Weapons



The Ban Assault Weapons NOW campaign will place an amendment on the 2020 Florida ballot. 800,000 signatures are needed so that Florida citizens can vote for a common-sense law that our elected leaders won’t support. A poll from Florida Atlantic University reports that 70 percent of Florida voters favor an assault weapons ban.

Download the petition, print two-sided and mail per instructions.  Or pick up petitions at Manatee County Democratic headquarters.

Voting Rights - Amendment 4


 "This amendment restores the voting rights of Floridians with felony convictions after they complete all terms of their sentence including parole or probation. The amendment would not apply to those convicted of murder or sexual offenses, who would continue to be permanently barred from voting unless the Governor and Cabinet vote to restore their voting rights on a case by case basis."   -  Florida Association of Counties

Questions and guidance:  

A hotline has been established by the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition to assist anyone who encounters roadblocks registering to vote, or has questions about the process.  Call 877-MY-VOTE-0  or  (877-698-6830). 

And contact the Manatee County Supervisor of Elections office at  (941) 741-3823,  www.votemanatee.com.