Our Party

Our Mission


The Manatee County Democratic Party works to promote Democratic issues at the local, state and federal level.  We are volunteers who work to increase Democratic voter registration and help Democratic candidates win elections in Manatee County.  We fundraise, develop our voting precincts, and support initiatives that further our values.

We actively support diversity; and we are a party that is greatly concerned about students, seniors, health care, the environment, civil rights, labor and main street businesses.

How We Are Organized


We are a local extension of the Florida Democratic Party and the Democratic National Committee.  We consist of volunteers and all interested Democrats, including you!  Come to any of our open meetings, share your ideas and make a difference.

The Democratic Executive Committee (pdf) is the business side of the Party.  Ideally, it is comprised of one Committeeman and one Committeewoman from each precinct who serve as a liaison between the party and the Democratic citizens of their precinct.

Clubs and Caucuses


The Manatee County Democratic Party charters Democratic clubs at various locations in the county.  The Florida Democratic Party (FDP) charters the Black Caucus and the LGTBA Caucus in Manatee County.  FDP also recognizes the Democratic Women's Club and the Young Democrats.  Each club/caucus holds monthly meetings, takes political action initiatives and sponsors events in support of the Democratic Party in Manatee County.

To find out more, contact a club or caucus and look for their meeting in our Events Calendar.

Democratic Executive Committee Officers


Vice Chair

Matt Lepinski



State Committeewoman

State Committeeman

Reverend James T. Golden


Recording Secretary

Precinct Coordinators

Communications Chair

Fundraising Dinner Chair

Federal Treasurer

Robin Sathan


Fundraising Chair

Robin Sathan


Office Manager

Democratic Values (We Care) (pdf)


Issues We Support (pdf)


Manatee DEC Strategic Plan 2017-18 (pdf)