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2018 Democratic Candidates


Andrew Gillum

Andrew Gillum is running for Governor to rebuild Florida into a state that works for all of us. He knows everyone deserves good-paying jobs, access to quality, affordable healthcare, and strong public schools.

Gwen Graham

Gwen believes it’s time for government to care about people again and to put Florida families first. She knows that by working together, we can bring common sense back to Tallahassee and make our state work for us.

Thomas Christopher King

Chris sees too many Floridians who have been left out and left behind because our one-party state government can’t innovate. He wants

 to bring fresh ideas and new leadership to our state.

Phillip Levine

A self-made South Florida entrepreneur, and two-term Mayor of Miami Beach, Philip demonstrates the leadership skills necessary to break one-party rule in Tallahassee and bring Floridians together to get things done.

Josue Larose

Louis Earl McClanahan III

U.S. House District 16

Calen Christiani

"It is time for us to step up and BE the change we know our country needs. We can no longer stand on the sidelines expecting our government to reflect our vision for the future if we're not willing to step forward."

Jan Schneider

 Jan has been actively involved in law and politics from local to international levels for many years.  Called a “wonk with heart,” Jan will serve the people of  District 16 with intelligence, dedication and compassion.

David Shapiro

"We can’t afford partisan gridlock driven by career politicians. We need new leaders who will listen to our needs, fight for us, and be willing to work across the aisle

 to do what is best for our communities."

U.S. Senate

Tamika Lyles

"I have been advocating for over 15 years.  It seemed to me that the issues that needed the most attention were not being given much attention. In addition, most people aren't millionaires and they desire to have someone that can truly relate to them and represent their view." 

Bill Nelson

Since going to the U.S. Senate in 2001, Bill Nelson has fought hard for Florida interests. He has been a champion for protecting Florida's environment and economy,  an unwavering defender of Social Security,

 and a voice for the state's many veterans.

Florida House District 70

Wengay M. Newton

"I’m running for re-election to the Florida House because I want to continue being a champion on issues of importance for the people in District 70.   Real leadership is about self-sacrifice, commitment and truly caring about people."

Vito Demetrius Sheeley

 “I’ve had the honor to work with our elected representatives on issues like affordable housing, restoration of voting rights, and job creation for District 70 families. That experience has shown me that we’re strongest when we face these issues together.”

Florida House District 71

Randy Cooper

"I am a Civil Engineer, not a politician.  My goal is to give our community an unwavering voice in Tallahassee.  I am a fiscal conservative and a political moderate who will always put the interests of community residents and local businesses above politics."

Florida Attorney General

Ryan Torrens

Ryan Torrens is running for Florida Attorney General for the right reason

 -- to fight for you.  A fifth-generation Tampa native, Ryan owns his own law practice, which focuses on foreclosure defense and consumer protection.

Sean Michael Shaw

Currently representing Florida House of Representatives District 61.  "We’re going to protect Floridians at every level and we’re going to do what people expect from this office, which is to protect them.” 

Florida Chief Financial Officer

Jeremy Ring

Jeremy Ring is a tech pioneer, lifelong innovator, and committed public servant with a sterling record of accomplishment in business and in the Florida Senate. He is now running to serve as Florida’s next Chief Financial Officer (CFO) in order to expand and modernize our state’s economy.

Commissioner of Agriculture

R. David Walker

"Florida’s economy depends upon a thriving environment, and we need a knowledgeable steward to guide our prosperity.  Conserving and protecting our environment takes commitment and dedication to preserving our natural resources while promoting vibrancy and growth."

Manatee County Commission

District 2 - Charles B Smith

District 4 - No Democratic Candidate

District 6 - Melanie Howard